“Rally to $30,000 From There”

The chaos over the cryptocurrency industry still continues. The fact that the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) has not been able to rise despite the sharp drops last week causes investors to panic. As of now, the crypto market is divided into 2. While some investors describe the recent dips as a “correction”, others call it “the beginning of the crash.”

Michael Van De Poppe, one of the most important analysts in the crypto money industry, describes the recent declines as a “correction” trend. Poppe expects a rise in BTC in the future. Eight Global CEO Michael Van De Poppe shared the following words about the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) on his official Twitter account with 654,000 followers:

“Price action starts to act similar to the price action in February for #Bitcoin. Rejection at $27,800, another sweep of the low and hit $27,000. If we can generate higher lows after this, it seems very likely that we’ll break $27,800 and rally to $30,000 from there.”

Saying that if Bitcoin exceeds $ 27,800, it can rise to $ 30 thousand, Poppe expects much larger decreases in the market if $ 27 thousand is lost.

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