Cryptocurrency analyst Justin Bennet evaluated the current technical outlook in the market and pointed to altcoins that he sees as high potential.

Justin Bennet drew attention to altcoins, which he sees as high potential and thinks that if the upward momentum in the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin continues, he thinks that he can start a rally with his posts on his twitter account.

Bennet pointed to the current technical outlook in Solana (SOL) and stated that it is very important to exceed the critical $85-86 band. The analyst, who wrote that if the upward momentum in the market continues, high rate increases in the SOL may be experienced, he added that if the upward movements continue, the $ 118 levels may form an important resistance area in the future.

Analyst Justin Bennet also evaluated the current technical outlook at Polkadot. The analyst argued that the DOT is testing critical resistance levels and if the $19.40 price levels are exceeded, an upward movement up to $23 can begin.


Thirdly, the analyst stated that VeChain (VET) is also following. Stating that the $0.05 price levels on behalf of VET are quite critical in the short term, the analyst wrote that if the $0.05 levels are maintained, an upward movement up to the $0.07 level can begin.


The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) reached the price levels of $ 42,538 with the bullish movements that it started to record in the early hours of the day. This increase in value in Bitcoin caused the crypto money market to regain an upward momentum. Ethereum (ETH) has surpassed the $2,995 price levels after its recent upward movements.

According to Glassnode data, approximately 61,000 BTC were withdrawn to non-wallets or exchanged for fiat currencies in March. One of the main reasons for the increased fund outflows is attributed to the general decline in confidence in centralized and decentralized exchanges.