RadioShack, started in 1921 in Boston by brothers Theodore and Milton Deutschmann, was a leader in the nascent tech world for nearly a century.

RadioShack, the 100-year-old electronics giant of the United States, rolled up its sleeves for NFT and DeFi. Celebrating its 100th anniversary, the company will launch a DeFi protocol and NFT collection to celebrate this longevity.

According to a statement by RadioShack, the company will act as an intermediary between companies worldwide and various players in the crypto industry. He wants to create the first protocol to fill the gap in RadioShack's use of DeFi.

RadioShack USV Atlas

The new DeFi service will launch with a Swap that will be powered by the Atlas USV token. The idea is to create a system where there is a constant flow of third-party tokens to the DEX and replace them with discounted USV tokens.

There is a win-win relationship here. Liquidity providers receive new tokens that can be traded for profit. In return, RadioShack receives third-party tokens to increase its treasury. The company will be the long-term owner of the Atlas USV protocol, not a reward-oriented, short-term liquidity provider.


In this way, users are assured that the team will not sell the tokens to fund itself. According to the statement, the team has partnered with companies like The Franklin Mint and Modell's Sporting Goods for a collection currently available for purchase on OpenSea. The collection includes 74 individual pieces, including three-dimensional designs, sports-themed photos, vehicle photos and various other designs.