Radio CACA (RACA) is the executive project of Maye Musk's Mystery Box, NFT, DeFi and GameFi tool in The USM Metaverse. The native token of the project is RACA. RACA is a project supported and represented by Elon Musk's mother, Maye Musk, and Binance CEO CZ.

Radio Caca started to make a name for himself as the developer of the United States of Mars (USM) project, which is considered the largest Metaverse on Binance SmartChain. Radio Caca's token RACA continues to draw attention with its price performance in the last 30 days.

Radio Caca (RACA), which is currently in the 223rd place with a market value of 553 million dollars, increased its value by 130 percent in the last 1-month period, from the bottom of the year at $ 0.0011 to $ 0.0027. Then, RACA, which saw an average of 200-day sales, continues to find support at $ 0.0018 since April 7. In the last case, the popular altcoin continues to gain close to 60 percent in a one-month period.


In addition, in the last week, some of the biggest crypto money platforms have made listing announcements, not indifferent to the growth of the Radio Caca ecosystem. The last exchanges to include the RACA token on their platforms were Hobi, ChangeNow, Bybit and Phemex. The development specific to Huobi and Bybit was the offering of RACA staking service within the framework of the Huobi earnings program, as well as the trading of its users in the RACA/USDT pair.

Changenow, a crypto currency exchange service, will enable rapid exchange of crypto assets with more than 350 cryptocurrencies with RACA integration. Singapore-based Phemex crypto exchange opens the RACA ecosystem to more than 2 million users.

Radio Caca Nft Marketplace

Radio Caca's newest NFT marketplace, OpenPFP, has announced a partnership with Particlon that allows embedding assets within NFTs and optimizing your Metaverse experience. The partnership has provided 200 vacancies for those wishing to join this unique experience on the Metaverse.

In addition to important partnerships, Radio Caca continues to work rapidly in parallel with the growth of the Metaverse and NFT industry as the developer of the popular play-to-win blockchain game Metamon World, the United States of Mars Metaverse (USM) and the huge NFT OpenPFP Marketplace.