Radio Caca (RACA) is teaming up with Princeton University for a metaverse project. The USM Metaverse project will be developed under the Web3 framework to add more value to the community.

Radio Caca (Raca Coin) has partnered with the Princeton University Blockchain community to build the United States Mars (USM) metaverse project, following its recent collaboration with Cambridge. The partnership supports Radio Caca's goal of creating a vibrant and diverse network across its Web3 facilities.

The USM Metaverse is a collection of virtual worlds that combine the continuity and endless expansion of the physical world. The project was launched by the DAO in December 2021 and was made public earlier this year. The partnership agreement to build the innovative project was posted on NASDAQ before Radio Caca shared it via Twitter.

The alliance demonstrates that both parties are realizing that the internet is moving away from centralized authorities with the emergence of Decentralized Applications (dApps) made possible through blockchain technology. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has reshaped the global economy by giving millions of people free access to investment opportunities, financial assets and more.

Amid the huge economic benefits, Radio Caca and the Princeton University Blockchain Society want to continue promoting the DeFi space by upgrading the current Web2 form of the internet with a focus on Web3. Additionally, both parties aim to be leaders in the Web3 space and offer many people the opportunity to interact with the USM Metaverse in the long run.

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RACA Price and Market Data

At the time of writing, Raca Coin was trading at $0.00170196 according to CoinGecko data. RACA's 24-hour trading volume is $27.253,265. RACA price is up 7.8% in the last 24 hours. While there is a supply of 200 Billion RACA coins in circulation, there is a total supply of 433 Billion coins. PancakeSwap (v2) is currently the most active market where RACA is traded.