RACA Is Working For The Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem

Recently, it continues to receive new investments in Web3 companies. Investment firm DWF Labs has announced a new investment plan to foster the Web3 gaming ecosystem. The company invested $16 million in RACA. The investment made by DWF Labs amounted to a total of $16 million as a fund and purchase of RACA tokens. RACA has now rolled up its sleeves for a gaming platform on Web3.

A blockchain-based gaming ecosystem, which is the main reason for the investment RACA has received, is attracting a lot of attention these days. Founded in 2021, RACA (formerly Radio Caca) also had the support of Elon Musk’s mother, Maye Musk. The company has already launched an R3 gaming infrastructure, SimCity-like sandbox game USM.WORLD, social party game Looki Looki Jazzi, cross-game DID wallet JAZ, and an NFT marketplace app.

On the other hand, DWF Labs has emerged as one of the most active investors during the crypto bear market. The company’s recent investments include a $20 million fundraising for Synthetix and a $40 million increase in investment for AI-focused crypto protocol Fetch.ai.

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