Probit Launches 2nd Round Sale of Green Universe Coin (GUC)

Green Universe Coin (GUC), which connects environmentally conscious individuals and organizations to invest in green initiatives through carbon credits, has launched the second round of its token sale (IEO). The GUC is priced at $0.015 in the second round, while the IEO period will end at 06:00 on May 31, 2023. Cryptocurrency exchange Probit Global also announced that it will distribute bonuses in the second round.

GUC offers a transparent and fraud-proof platform using blockchain technology. GUC’s services include a carbon credit calculator, stake rewards, token burn commitments, a governance body, and an NFT marketplace. GUC’s collaborative network includes renewable energy providers, green technology initiatives and forward-thinking organizations dedicated to promoting sustainable innovation for a cleaner and greener world. GUC and its partners are at the forefront of an eco-conscious revolution.

ProBit Global, one of the top 20 crypto money platforms, also provides a 10% bonus to those who buy GUC using the PROB token, which offers multiple airdrops and benefits to its holders. In addition, the cryptocurrency exchange offers a 5% bonus to those who buy GUC using USDT, BTC and ETH.

The GUC distribution schedule is as follows; 10 percent will be distributed at the token creation event, 30 percent 30 days after the listing date, 30 percent 60 days after the listing date, and 30 percent 90 days after the listing date. On the other hand, users are required to complete the entire KYC verification process on ProBit Global’s website after the IEO.

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