Price Rises After Bosch Partnership

Fetch.ai (FET), which has been very popular in recent days among artificial intelligence-focused crypto money projects, has announced a new partnership. In the statement made by Fetch, it was announced that a new joint foundation was established with Bosch to support the development and expansion of artificial intelligence and web3 applications. It was stated that the foundation’s web3 and artificial intelligence applications will focus on responding to real-world use cases and industrial needs.

“The Foundation will adhere to the core principles of transparency, openness, impartiality, and data and technology sovereignty. Initially, Bosch and Fetch will lead the foundation’s board and seek to expand the board with other key industry participants.”

Peter Busch, President of the Bosch Fetch.ai Foundation, said:

“As one of the worldwide leaders in industrial engineering and mobility solutions, Bosch sees the great need for smarter technologies to meet the challenges of security, privacy and data ownership. We leverage Web3, artificial intelligence and open source technologies from traditional engineering companies to proven world-class hardware. and software capabilities, this foundation is an excellent initiative at the right time. It will become even more exciting as the involvement of other partners increases.”

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