Bill Barhydt, co-founder and CEO of digital payment application Abra, said that Bitcoin and Ethereum could make very serious price movements in the coming period.

Stating that the two cryptocurrencies are progressing with different network effects and the network participants are increasing day by day, Barhydt stated that Bitcoin can reach 250 thousand dollars in the long term and Ethereum can reach somewhere between 30 and 40 thousand dollars in a shorter time.

More Optimistic for Ethereum

Speaking to CNBC, Bill Barhydt, CEO of crypto money platform Abra, shared his thoughts on the two largest cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Saying that he is more optimistic about Ethereum in the short term than Bitcoin, Barhydt thinks that Ethereum can rise to the level of $ 40,000. Noting that there will be “a huge influx of people trying to hold ETH” with the arrival of staking in Ethereum, Abra CEO continued his words as follows:

   “The network effect of Ethereum is based on the idea that the world can have computers. Stablecoins are used for NFTs, DeFi and now gaming. In this context, the network effects for Ethereum in the short term are more bullish for me due to the use cases that are just starting to play.”

Bill Barhydt

Stating that Bitcoin has a different tilt effect than Ethereum, Bill Barhydt stated that BTC stands out with its limited supply.

   "The network effect that strengthens Bitcoin continues on its way thanks to its unchangeable and unstoppable structure, which does not have to trust anyone. China's mining bans and some negative developments stopped the price increase for a while, but I am optimistic in the long term. I believe that Bitcoin will be worth $250,000 in the long run. Ethereum benefits from different network effects, such as the use of DeFi, NFTs and stablecoins... However, I am more positive about Ethereum in the short term than Bitcoin. If gas and transaction fees decrease, its usage areas will increase. June or July In the following months, Ethereum may rise to between $30,000-40,000.”