Premier League Signs Deal With NFT Based Fantasy Soccer Game

Popular NFT project Sorare announced that it has signed an agreement with one of the world’s largest football organizations, the Premier League.

In a post shared on his official Medium account, Sorare announced that he has secured a four-year license agreement with the Premier League on NFTs. According to the details, this deal, worth 150 million dollars, was enthusiastically welcomed by the Premier League followers.

In line with the agreement, users will be able to obtain officially licensed NFTs containing every player of all clubs in the Premier League, and they will have the chance to team up with these NFTs, participate in competitions and win prizes in these competitions. In addition, the Sorare application, where players can buy and sell NFTs among themselves, draws attention with the Turkish language support in many of its games.

Sorare’s co-founder and CEO Nicolas Julia gave the following details in his statement on the subject:

“This has been an important milestone for us as we continue our goal of building a global sports community for fans. We are extremely proud to have now partnered with three of the world’s biggest sports leagues: the Premier League, the NBA and MLB. We are incredibly excited.”

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