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Pre-approved for Uniswap V3

With the BNB Chain integration, Uniswap can also gain $1 billion in locked assets with 1 to 2 million users. The reason of this; 0xPlasma Labs has received pre-approval from the community for the integration of Uniswap V3, which was presented on December 12, to BNB Chain. More than 80 percent of those voting supported this step, while 19.72 percent opposed the proposal. 0xPlasma Labs also noted that the approval rate in the vote was the largest in Uniswap governance history.

Uniswap V3 needs one final governance vote for its BNB Chain connection. After this final proposal, which 0xPlasma Labs is expected to create in a few weeks, the final decision will be made.

In the statement made by Plasma, it was noted that the transition to BNB Chain should be done as quickly as possible, because the cross-chain transition offered by BNB Chain, staking and the popularity of DeFi in the Binance ecosystem are increasing day by day. Within Uniswap, there are tokens of 3.4 billion dollars in total, which are divided into 5 separate blockchains. About $2.6 billion of this figure is in Uniswap’s latest update, V3.

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