Positive investments for Solana reach 9th consecutive week

The weekly report of CoinShares, Europe’s largest digital investment company, has been published. The new figures show that the harsh exit environment of last week has passed for now. While 3.8 million dollars were invested in Bitcoin funds, sales in Ethereum funds continued with 3.2 million dollars. Sales in short-Bitcoin funds, which invested in the fall of the Bitcoin price, reached the 19th week in a row, with a sales value of $ 3.3 million this week.

Investments in Solana funds, on the other hand, drew attention. While SOL funds received 700 thousand dollars of investment this week, investments reached the 9th week in a row. The investment value made in Solana funds since the beginning of the year has reached $26 million. On the other hand, the large outflow of $ 8.6 million in Polygon funds draws attention.

While the total crypto fund value is seen as 31 billion dollars, 21 billion dollars of it belongs to the Grayscale company. In addition, Germany stands out as the country with the most exits on the basis of countries. While 27 million dollars came out of crypto funds in Germany, Sweden comes in second place with 800 thousand dollars.

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