Popular Metaverse Project Establishes Significant Collaboration

The Sandbox, a decentralized digital universe game and subsidiary of Animoca Brands, recently approved a collaboration agreement with Wunderman Thompson (a WPP company) to create a virtual world consumer experience. As a result of the new collaboration, Wunderman Thompson customers will have the opportunity to join their community in a visually stunning decentralized entertainment content.

Wunderman Head of Transformation and Strategy, Justin Peyton, said in a statement about the partnership, that they are happy to offer unlimited opportunities to people as they enter the world of the metaverse. Peyton praised The Sandbox for being a leading open metaverse. This feature will help the new partnership reach more Web3 enthusiasts.

As part of the collaboration, several Wunderman Thompson creators and technologists will receive new guidance on using GameMaker and VoxEdit tools to create digital assets in The Sandbox, as well as learning how to create and build custom brand experiences. There will be three different paths in this innovative metaverse program for creative practitioners, managers, media professionals and strategists.

Mathieu Cerveny, Director of Ecosystem Partnerships at The Sandbox, said:

“Wunderman Thompson is uniquely positioned to help influential brands engage with the new entertainment culture at the crossroads of gaming, the creative economy, and the right digital ownership. This partnership is an excellent opportunity for brands to build their Web3 communities and engage like never before.”

Cooperation; It will enable Wunderman Thompson to empower its customers’ brands and communities through engaging and interactive entertainment. Brands can increase engagement with their followers and fans by using gamification mechanics not typically offered on traditional social media.

The concept of the virtual world as a long-term mutual digital space within worlds and heroes contacting to create magic has been fully embraced by The Sandbox. The gaming platform has a proven track record of engaging users worldwide, including more than 360,000 unique users who spent an average of 80 minutes per day during the 10-week Alpha Season 3 ending in November. There are over 400 partners connected with The Sandbox to support its mission to give gamers the freedom to create their own experiences using renowned and original artists. Some of these partners are Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, The Walking Dead, Adidas and Deadmau5.

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