A widely followed crypto analyst claims altcoin markets are poised to explode as he talks about what the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) needs to do to keep it moving upwards.

Cryptocurrency analyst Michaël van de Poppe claims that the altcoin market value will grow by at least 25% in the coming months to his 592,400 followers in his statements on Twitter. Van de Poppe made the following statements in his statements;

   “I think altcoin market capitalization will increase approximately. 25-35% critical support continues next month.”


Van de Poppe's crypto market cap chart, which excludes Bitcoin, which has a current market cap of approximately $1.03 trillion, shows that the analyst predicts the altcoin market cap will rise to somewhere between $1.23 trillion and $1.34 trillion by the end of the year.

This Level is Critical in Bitcoin (BTC)

In addition, Van de Poppe made statements about Bitcoin (BTC), the largest cryptocurrency in terms of market value. The famous analyst said earlier today that as long as Bitcoin continues to trade above $ 38,000, the leading cryptocurrency will continue to move upwards. Analyst Van de Poppe made the following statements about BTC;

   “Bitcoin is preferably looking lower. As long as we stay above $38,000, all looks good to continue further upside.”

usd chart

Showing the daily volatility of the crypto markets, Bitcoin fell below $ 38,000 after Van de Poppe's tweet and fell to the level of $ 35,700. Van de Poppe updated his final view, saying that BTC should retrace previous support zones, along with another statement he made later.

   "Well, it's falling fast here and now the liquidity below the lows has been picked up by Bitcoin price action. The level to retrace is the $37,500 zone as it is the previous support zone.”