Lark Davis shares his analysis of the cryptocurrency market on youtube to his nearly 500 thousand subscribers. Davis has recently released "My Top 5 Crypto Picks for 2022!" In his video titled, he analyzed the five altcoin projects he has on his radar for the next year.


Ethereum, the first candidate leading altcoin on Davis's list! Davis' price estimate for ETH is $20,000. The leading altcoin project has some major catalysts to do this, such as the multi-billion dollar TLV and the move to PoS. Also, Ethereum is expected to be deflationary with EPI 1559. For these reasons, Davis shares that he is quite optimistic for Ethereum in 2022.


Elrond is software that aims to promote a distributed network of computers to run a smart contract platform that aims to prioritize scalability and low transaction fees. Moreover, it is designed to compete against major Blockchains like Ethereum and Zilliqa. Elrond is basically Ethereum 2.0 and their DEX is similar to Uniswap where you can trade USDC for Elrond. Apart from these, the project has in-car games and VR features powered by Audi and other big car players.


As we enter 2022, we see a lot happening in Polygon. That's why Davis places MATIC in the top 3. Polygon has implemented EIP 1559, so every transaction in Polygon will burn some MATIC in the long run, which is good news for the Polygon price. According to the analyst, users are growing stronger than ever, with new purchases coming more apps.

Solana (SOL)

The next crypto on Lark Davis' list is Solana (SOL). While ideas and initial work on the project started in 2017, Solana was officially launched in March 2020 by the Solana Foundation, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. According to the analyst, Solana has a really nice user experience for NFTs, tokens and the like, as gas fees are very low on Solana. It is also an industry where Solana produces quality products in games.

Wilder World

The last altcoin Lark watches in 2022 is Wilder World. WILD is the native token of Wilder World and serves as the governance token for the Wilder DAO. Wilder World is associated with the metaverse and has a wide range of NFTs. According to the analyst, WILD will continue to grow as more and more things are adopted into the metaverse.