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Poppe: “BTC and Altcoins Are Ready for Ascension”

Michaël van de Poppe, who has more than half a million followers on X, offers hope to investors embittered in the crypto market.

Altcoins are in their depression phase and are ready to start trending upwards. It might sound repetitive, but for most of the altcoins, the lows might be in or close to in. The interest in crypto is on the same levels as 2020, while BTC pairs are slowly breaking out.

The interest in the markets isn’t there, while we’ve got some important indicators in the mean time:

Bitcoin spot ETF around the corner.

– Ethereum spot ETF applications.

– Ethereum futures ETF around the corner.

The initiatives are jumping in, but yet you’d like to sell your positions after holding your altcoins for two years. Why?

Probably because you’re letting your emotions come into control. The sentiment across the board is super bad, which is understandable with such a market circumstance.

On the other hand, such a sentiment is a great indicator of when you should actually be interested. Remember; doing the opposite of the mass is most often a great indicator of what you should do. Otherwise, you’ll just end up being the same as those people. Left and right, we can see altcoins starting to break out. What will happen? In the beginning, you’ll be seeing people argue that we’ll continue to have downwards momentum after. The phase we call disbelief. Before the disbelief phase, that’s when you want to get yourself positioned into the markets. That’s now.

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