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Polygon Keeps Moving Forward with Sure Steps

After a long wait, the transition of Y00ts from Solana network to Polygon has finally taken place and a new chapter has been opened in the story of the collections. As creators and collectors continue to strive for enhanced user experiences, the transition to Polygon inspires excitement and optimism. When all these events are taken into account, Solana, who is struggling to survive, seems to have taken a huge blow again. On the contrary, his rival Polygon continues to walk with firm steps.

The move to Polygon will run on the Ethereum network, making Y00ts available to a wider audience of potential collectors. Aware of the importance of staying one step ahead in the ever-evolving NFT market, the Y00ts team is proactively increasing the accessibility and attractiveness of their NFTs to potential buyers.

To encourage Y00ts owners to switch to the Polygon network, the team is offering special early-comer benefits. Those who bridge within the first 24 hours enjoy waived gas fees, free staking and a 5 USDC bonus for every Y00t listed on MagicEden. In addition, MagicEden will waive all fees for Y00ts for 30 days after the bridge. Y00ts will also airdrop a single BTC DeGods NFT to a lucky Y00ts holder who bridges within the first 24 hours. A snapshot of all bridged NFTs will be taken and a random winner will be chosen, creating an exciting opportunity for Y00ts collectors.

The Y00ts team aims to make the Polygon migration process simple and secure. From March 27, users can switch directly from the official Y00ts website by following a few simple steps. The team suggested using the Phantom multi-chain wallet with the “Y00TS2” access code for the smoothest experience. Y00ts appears to be working closely with Wormhole to provide the safest and most elegant transition experience possible. The Wormhole and Dust Labs teams will release a technical breakdown of how the transition worked behind the scenes for those interested in what’s going on on behalf of the project.

As the NFT market progresses, content creators and aggregators must embrace new technologies and networks to maintain their competitive advantage. Y00ts’ transition to Polygon demonstrates how bridging different blockchain networks can increase accessibility and success in the NFT market. The NFTs of the Y00ts offer different customizable and interactive features, revealing the potential for future developments in this area. Customizing and interacting with NFTs in new ways can make them more attractive and valuable to collectors.

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