Polygon Gets Support from Arkham Intelligence

Cryptocurrency research company Arkham Intelligence announced that the Blockchain, which it started to offer support after Ethereum in the first quarter of the year, is Polygon. Arkham Intelligence, in a statement regarding the support, stated that it chose Polygon as its second Blockchain integration due to its partnerships with Disney, Starbucks and Stripe and its large user base. The support for blockchain is important in spreading the appeal of data analytics platforms to wider audiences. According to DeFiLlama, on-chain activity tracking is now available across multiple blockchains, and users want on-chain tracking on different blockchains. At this point, Polygon is one of the largest Layer 1 Blockchains by Total Value Locked (TVL).

Arkham Intelligence plans to offer support for other blockchains in the future and believes that having multiple blockchains integrated into its platform “opens up new possibilities for on-chain research.”

Arkham Intelligence started private beta testing for its platform last year. Currently, whitelisted users are allowed to share referral links that will be used to issue the ARKM token. The acceptance email for the Arkham Referral Program states, “When we launch the ARKM token network, for each person who signs up with your link as a referrer, you will be rewarded with ARKM tokens directly into your chosen wallet.”

On the other hand, Arkham Intelligence recently announced that it has received funding in a Series A funding round that includes the founders of Palantir and ChatGPT’s parent company OpenAI. The cryptocurrency research firm can be used to tag specific wallets and track transactions. It also has a unique visualizer that allows users to see how wallets are linked to each other. This puts it ahead of its competitors.

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