Polygon Developers Propose a New Update

Developers working on the network of Polygon, one of Ethereum’s biggest competitors in the smart contract space, agreed that a new hardfork update is needed to prevent the increase in gas fees and make the blockchain network more secure. The most important condition for the update to be active is the majority approval of the Polygon community. The new update is being discussed among users on the Polygon forum.

With the network upgrade, the developers aim to increase the technical capability of zkEVM and other Polygon sidechains. The Polygon PoS network runs parallel to Ethereum and hosts projects such as crypto lending platform Aave and DeFi exchange Uniswap.

What is a hardfork?

A hardfork occurs as a result of changing existing rules or protocols in a blockchain network. As these changes may not be compatible with the old blockchain network, it may cause the network to split in two. It is undesirable for situations to arise where previous blocks cannot be accepted or new blocks are not recognized by older versions. This is why the hardfork update is quite critical and developers need to plan it carefully.

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