The cryptocurrency industry had a tough May and June. The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which has seen huge decreases during this period, has also caused many companies to go bankrupt.

In CoinMarketCap, a successful data provider, estimates are made at the end of each month and critical results emerge.

The results, which are announced on the average of the estimates of the investors, can be surprisingly accurate. These data were described as "divine indicators" between 2020-2021.

Can Bitcoin Exceed $30,000 by the End of August?

According to the survey conducted by CoinMarketCap with 20 thousand members, the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) will reach 32 thousand dollars by the end of August.

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Investors, who believe that Bitcoin will start a sharp upward trend with the end of July, expect the crypto money industry to recover again.

Many economists and analysts have recently started to make similar predictions. The fact that the next decision will be made in September after the Fed rate decision tonight means giving cryptocurrencies a time to experience a rise.

The FED, which is expected to soften in its rate hike decisions by the end of summer, seems to be able to start an upward trend in the crypto money sector again.

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European Banking Authority worried about crypto regulations

As the adoption of the cryptocurrency industry has increased, the effort of regulators to intervene in the industry has started to increase around the world. European region regulators are currently working on a crypto regulation that will be implemented in general.

José Manuel Campa, Head of the European Banking Authority, said during an interview that he was concerned that the institution did not have the necessary capacity to oversee digital assets. According to José Manuel Campa, one of the biggest challenges is the lack of specialized personnel and the continuity of these personnel even if they are found. According to the head of the banking regulator, the problem is largely related to the high demand for crypto capabilities.