Phone Bills Can Be Paid With Cryptocurrency

Although there is a recession in the crypto money market, the rate of crypto adoption is increasing day by day. We see that cryptocurrencies are used more widely as a payment method in daily life. In this sense, the last example came from Bahrain.

Stc Bahrain, a subsidiary of Bahraini telecom operator Stc Group, recently announced that its partnership arrangement with payment service provider Eazy Financial Services allows customers to pay bills using crypto.

Bahrain telecom operator Stc Bahrain recently stated that it now accepts cryptocurrencies and stated that this step is a first in the country. The statement also stated that the company is collaborating with payment service provider Eazy Financial Services.

With this partnership, Stc Bahrain customers will be able to pay their bills using their Binance wallet. Making a statement about the partnership with Eazy Financial Services, Stc Bahrain CEO Nezar Banabeela emphasized that the digitalization of payment methods is accelerating.

“Rapid digitalization is transforming every aspect of our lives around the world, and payments are the most important factor. Almost every digital activity, from online shopping to money transfers, is based on a payment system.”

The CEO also said that his company plans to “make the adoption of crypto a seamless process and increase adoption as crypto is the future of payments.” Nayef Tawfiq Al Alawi, founder and CEO of Eazy Financial Services, said that the partnership arrangement will enable telecom operator users to make payments with cryptocurrency securely and extremely quickly.

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