PEPE Is Among The Featured Assets In The Market

Cryptocurrency markets started the week with US-based regulatory pressure, and the market saw sharp drops. After the decline, the SEC’s lawsuit against Coinbase after Binance in yesterday’s transactions was met with reaction purchases in the crypto market. While this caused a mixed appearance in the altcoin market, the meme coin PEPE, which made a name for itself with its huge rise last month, became one of the prominent crypto assets in the market.

At the beginning of last month, as the excitement in the Meme coin market subsided, PEPE coin also entered a clear correction trend and maintains its negative outlook despite yesterday’s bounce. However, while major altcoins face the risk of being labeled as securities, PEPE reminded itself once again, taking its place among the top 100 cryptocurrencies with a 15% increase in value in the last 24 hours.

Although PEPE, which was one of the most popular altcoins last month and reached serious transaction volumes, rose to $ 0.0000012 with a value increase of more than 15% yesterday, it is seen that it has not yet broken the falling trend line in the general view. So much so that today, while the markets are moving predominantly by sellers, PEPE started the day with a decrease and is currently finding buyers at $0.000001075 with a 7% correction.

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