The cryptocurrency market started the week with a sideways outlook. Maintaining the same course today, the market expects international uncertainties to disappear. After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, there is a tense expectation in the crypto market, as in the rest of the world.

Even if the events from the beginning of 2022 prevent the market from booming, the expectations for the future of the crypto market continue to grow. The CEO of PayPal, one of the largest payment providers in the world, thinks that cryptocurrency technology will revolutionize financial systems globally.

Speaking at the Axis Tel Aviv international investment conference, PayPal CEO Daniel Schulman said he has great hopes for crypto technology in the future.

PayPal CEO schulman dan

   “I am very excited about what crypto and blockchain technology can do to the financial system going forward.”

The famous executive stated that his excitement for the crypto ecosystem is more than just wondering about the price of Bitcoin.

   “I think what everyone thinks about buying and selling cryptocurrencies and what the price of Bitcoin will be tomorrow is the least interesting part to me about cryptocurrencies. This suggests cryptocurrencies as an asset class. To me, the really exciting thing about cryptocurrencies is what kind of utility they can provide in payments.”

Referring to the importance of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) at this point, Schulman thinks that CBDCs and digital wallets have the power to redefine daily financial interactions.

   “Clearly, central banks around the world are looking at issuing digital currencies. The use of advanced payments via CBDCs, digital wallets and cryptocurrencies is not only fascinating but will redefine much of the financial world going forward.”

What was the expectation of people from cryptocurrencies varies from person to person, but even these predictions of the CEO of one of the world's largest payment platforms show that cryptocurrencies have achieved great success in terms of changing the system.