MetaMask, the world's most used cryptocurrency wallet, has made a very quick entry into the Apple ecosystem. MetaMask announced the integration of Apple Pay in an announcement today. The integration in question will come with the 4.3.1 version of the mobile version of Metamask. The most important point here is that Apple never supports Bitcoin and crypto money payments from its own platform, and MetaMask now has this support.

It was also stated that the Wyre application will act as an intermediary in order to buy crypto money with Apple Pay via MetaMask. Users can now use a credit card, debit card or Apple Pay to buy Bitcoin directly. Previously, this required sending ETH to the MetaMask wallet, and both the transaction fee and other fees caused serious losses.

Apple Pay users can deposit up to $400 in funds in a single day. It is now possible to do this with only the use of Visa or Mastercard.

   "MetaMask Mobile v4.3.1 is LIVE with some exciting updates:

Buy crypto on iOS with Apple Pay (@sendwyre), more transparency when interacting with sites, & support for gasless transactions where relevant.

Does it get any better? Yes it does! We now have dark mode!"

MetaMask 2

Metamask also uses a payment platform called Transak, which makes it even easier for users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Users of this platform will also be able to buy Bitcoin and crypto money with credit and debit cards. Those who want to do this need to complete the KYC steps, that is, to verify their identity. This partnership between MetaMask and Apple Pay is definitely an important step for the cryptocurrency industry. Kraken had taken a similar step before.

MetaMask allows you to connect to decentralized applications from within your browser (or via a mobile app). You can trade without middlemen or play games with a completely transparent code (so you can be sure there are no cheats).