Partnership Between Alchemy Pay and Celo

Alchemy Pay continues to expand its payment ecosystem. The company, which has partnered with important organizations such as Apple Pay and Google Pay in the past months, has now agreed with a project from the crypto money ecosystem.

In the post on Alchemy Pay’s social media accounts, it was announced that CELO and cUSD integration was provided for the on-ramp solution. According to the official statement, the integration will facilitate access to the Celo blockchain ecosystem and DeFi applications. Natalie Alfers, one of the directors of the Celo Foundation, evaluated the agreement with these words:

Easy-to-access broker solutions are helping the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. This integration with Alchemy Pay will help provide greater access to digital assets for people outside the ecosystem.

Celo is known as one of the blockchain projects specializing in mobile solutions. CELO acts as the native token of the network. Alchemy Pay stands out as a project that acts as a bridge between the cryptocurrency ecosystem and traditional economic institutions. The Singapore-based organization offers payment solutions in 173 countries. PayPal, MasterCard, AirPay and Visa; It is among the traditional companies that Alchemy Pay has partnered with. On the day of the announcement of the important partnership, an increase is observed in both CELO and ACH prices.

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