Parsiq Attracted Attention With Its Latest Sharing

It seems that there is an artificial intelligence (AI) and Web3 frenzy in the crypto money industry. Although the recent decline of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) has affected these products very badly, BTC seems to have managed to hold on to the support of $ 25,300. As of next week, Bitcoin’s rise again may enable AI and Web3 products to display upward movements again.

Parsiq (PRQ), a GEM project listed on giant exchanges such as Coinbase, KuCoin, OKX and, recently shared a video on its official Twitter account. Parsiq Network’s last post has the PRQ logo and the date “13.06.2023”. This post aroused the curiosity of investors who like to invest in GEM projects.

Although it is not known what announcement will be made on June 13, it is observed that there is institutional integration for the 2nd quarter of the year on the roadmap of Parsiq Network.

The signing of a new corporate partnership by Parsiq Network, an AI and Web3 project, seems to enable PRQ to exhibit upward movements. Despite this mysterious video, the altcoin named PRQ did not show any significant movement in the last minutes. The failure of the announcement to be made on June 13 to meet the expectations of the investors may bring a decrease in PRQ.

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