Cryptocurrency investment firm Pantera Capital has provided funding for the Bitcoin Feeder Fund. Pantera provided a total of $63.7 million in funding from 153 investors for the aforementioned fund. In addition, it is known that the Bitcoin Feeder Fund had $ 18 million and 56 investors last year.

Investors can participate indirectly through the Bitcoin Feeder Fund, without the need to buy and protect the cryptocurrency.

Pantera Capital

Pantera Capital was founded in 2013. According to the company's website; currently has many investments and 85 venture investments in its portfolio. In addition, in October 2021, Pantera CEO Dan Morehead shared his statistics about Bitcoin.

In addition to Bitcoin, Pantera has invested in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. In addition, Pantera has spearheaded multiple rounds of funding for various startups in 2021, including cryptocurrency deposit platform Stader Finance and NFT lending platform Arcade.

Crypto Withdrawals Frozen on Pantera Capital-Backed Exchange

According to the news reported by Bloomberg recently; Coinsuper exchange, headquartered in Hong Kong and run by a former UBS Group AG executive, has frozen withdrawals for customers.

Investors in this exchange include VC giant Pantera Capital, which focuses on the blockchain space. Karen Chen, the former head of UBS China, is the head of the exchange.

Bloomberg said that dozens of customers have seen withdrawals stop on Coinsuper since November last year. The data was obtained from the company's official chat on Telegram. Neither fiat nor crypto money can be withdrawn. At least seven customers of the exchange reported the incident to local police.

Several customers shared with Bloomberg News that they were unable to move $55,000 of fiat and crypto from the exchange together. Local police told Bloomberg they are investigating the case of a customer who bought crypto through "an investment firm" and has not been able to get his money back since December.

No further comment was received from the police, and Coinsuper did not respond in any way to a request for comment.