Pantera Focuses on DeFi in 2023

The emphasis on DeFi in the 2023 forecasts of Venture Capital (VC) firm Pantera drew attention. The firm stated that it focuses on transaction fees, liquidity and availability for 2023 in cryptocurrencies.

Pantera Capital, a crypto-focused venture capital firm with nearly $3.8 billion in assets under its management, has outlined its 2023 forecast, and the future is in decentralized finance, according to the company.

The bear market that emerged early last year was exacerbated by a wave of payouts and bankruptcies that made the headlines, including the collapse of multi-billion-dollar centralized exchange FTX and the filing of crypto lender Genesis last week.

“Pantera has managed blockchain funds over the previous three crypto winters,” said Dan Morehead, Pantera CEO and co-CIO, at the beginning of the investor letter titled “Next Year.” Pantera CEO Dan Morehead also referred to the following in his investor letter:

“Each of them had so-called catastrophic events. For example, when Mt. Gox fell, it represented an 85 percent market share, which is much larger than today’s FTX. Blockchain will change the world. It will definitely get rid of these problems.”

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