Origin Protocol Steps into Ethereum Staking Space

Decentralized finance (DeFi) startup Origin Protocol announced today that it will exist in the Ethereum staking space. Origin aims to maximize the revenue that crypto investors generate from Ethereum staking activities with its new token called OETH. Users who own the new cryptocurrency will be able to earn commission income using decentralized platforms such as Curve and Convex.

Origin Protocol currently holds a significant amount of CRV and CVX tokens for these platforms. Cryptocurrency investors earn passive income from the liquidity provider through these coins.

Origin co-founder Josh Fraser made statements about their new token, OETH, in a statement to the crypto press:

OETH will enable our customers to earn high yields without suffering the rigors of yield farming. Our new cryptocurrency promises a positive profit above local staking revenues.

After the new move of the decentralized finance initiative, there was no extra movement in the price of the OGN token. $OGN is currently trading around $0.095.

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