Optimism, one of the Ethereum scaling solutions, has launched an airdrop for the OP management token. Approximately 249,000 wallets have been awarded airdrops from initial Optimism users and certain Ethereum users.

Optimism, a popular layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, launched the expected airdrop of the new OP management token today and rewarded the project by sending free tokens to the wallets of early users and some Ethereum users.

The airdrop first appeared in April when Optimism announced plans to launch, alongside the OP token, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that holders can use to vote within the community. At that time, Ethereum founder Vitalik also tweeted about the subject and stated that this DAO excited him.

The DAO plans to use the proceeds from Optimism transaction fees to fund open source software and protocol development.


So who are the 250,000 wallets that qualify for this airdrop of Optimism? These are those who started using Optimism before June 23, 2021, those who use the network constantly, those who participate in DAO activities on Ethereum, and those who donate to Gitcoin.

Ethereum scaling solutions enable faster, cheaper, and more energy-efficient transactions than currently possible on Ethereum's own mainnet. If we look at how Optimism works, all transactions performed on the Optimism network are aggregated into large batches and then sent to the Ethereum network in a single transaction. Thus, transactions are both faster and with lower fees.

Prior to Optimism's airdrop, there were tweets from crypto exchanges such as OKX and AAX stating that they would support the OP token. While the airdrop is technically ongoing, many users have not yet been able to receive their tokens due to high demand. Optimism also announced that they are working on increasing additional server capacity for the airdrop event.

Optimism's DAO initiative is called The Optimism Collective and encompasses two "houses." The "Citizen House" will focus on things that will benefit everyone, while the "Token House" will manage things like software updates, Optimism's incentive structure, and future software updates.