We have entered a very critical period for the Ethereum Blockchain network. Many companies have already started to prepare for Ethereum 2.0 (transition to Proof of Stake), which will take the first step with Merge, which is expected to take place soon. Finally, NFT marketplace OpenSea stated in a statement on Twitter that they are determined to support only the Proof of Stake Ethereum chain.

Ethereum, which is one of the first blockchain networks that comes to mind when it comes to NFTs, often comes to the fore with its inefficiency, especially when it comes to gas fees. At this point, Ethereum, which was criticized for the high transaction fees and the inefficiency of the Proof of Work consensus mechanism, rolled up its sleeves for the Proof of Stake transition called 2.0.


It is quite natural that OpenSea, which will benefit most from PoS, will also support PoS. Stating that they are continuing their work to ensure a smooth transition in this regard, OpenSea stated that they were excited as this was a first, although they could not foresee the problems.

Another point is undoubtedly Ethereum's forks. So much so that some users insist that Ethereum stays in PoW, and the split experienced in Ethereum Classic will probably also be experienced with ETHPoW. Many exchanges have already announced that they have added support for ETHPoW. In addition, some projects, such as Antpool, did not completely accept PoS (Proof of Stake) and announced that they would continue to work from PoW.

Since a Chinese Ethereum miner named Chandler Guo announced last month that he will create a follow-up hard fork of Ethereum with a proof-of-work (PoW) system, the market has been split between supporters and non-supporters. OpenSea was the first NFT platform to join this distinction.