Since the OpenSea platform, where NFT sales broke a record and reached a monthly income of over $ 4 billion, is on the Ethereum network, both transactions are expensive and NFT sales reach record prices. OpenSea, which has recently opened to the Polygon and Klayton network, will now be integrated into the Solana network.

A crypto-focused blogger named Jane Manchun Wong discovered the Solana integration work of NFT marketplace OpenSea and shared it on her Twitter account with various screenshots.

Sharing the images, crypto-blogger Jane Manchun Wong uncovered the work when she discovered the Phantom wallet connectivity feature hidden within the platform.

opensea wallet

Wong found the possible Solana development via a hidden port OpenSea had set up for the Phantom wallet. The OpenSea platform, on the other hand, did not make an official acceptance or rejection statement on the subject, but responded to Wong's tweet with the "attentive eyes" emoji.

As it is known, all transactions in OpenSea are currently done on the Ethereum blockchain. However, users have started to shift to various alternatives in recent months, as the intensity in Ethereum causes transactions to be concluded late and very expensive transaction fees are paid. While Solana and Tezos stand out in this sense, Solana has become the number one Ethereum alternative not only for the NFT industry, but also for the metaverse and game sectors.

solana nft

However, Solana, which is a more and more centralized blockchain compared to Ethereum, is also seriously criticized for this aspect. The cheap and fast transaction feature is due to the central system, but the serious problems experienced this year also caused the Solana network to be unavailable for at least 1 day. The network, which was fixed at a capacity of 400 thousand transactions per second, was clogged in September due to heavy transaction demand.

NFT platforms are now also available on popular networks such as SOL, AVAX, BSC. Many private NFT collections have debuted on different blockchains.