Ontology Joins Forces with Alchemy Pay

Aiming to act as a bridge between traditional finance and the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Alchemy Pay is expanding its integrations. The project, which announced a partnership with Celo last week, announced the Ontology integration today. According to the official statements, an agreement was reached between Ontology and Alchemy Pay on on-off ramp solutions. Accordingly, thanks to the Alchemy plugin to be provided on the Ontology network, dApps on the Ontology network will be seamlessly integrated into fiat solutions.

Additionally, both Ontology (ONT) and Ontology Gas (ONG) tokens are included in Alchemy Pay’s platform. This allowed users around the world to directly purchase these assets using fiat payments. With the announcement of the development, the rise in ONT and ACH prices gained momentum. ONT, which was traded at $0.20 levels, rose to $0.23. ACH, on the other hand, rose from $ 0.025 to $ 0.028.

Ontology is among the projects that strive to increase privacy and security on the Web3 by offering decentralized identity and data solutions. Alchemy Pay; Thanks to its partners such as PayPal, MasterCard and Visa in 173 countries, it offers payment opportunities between the crypto money ecosystem and traditional economic institutions.

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