English defender Phil Jones, who plays for Manchester United, has become the last sports figure to invest in the metaverse.

Phil Jones, who has been on Manchester United's roster for years, is spearheading a new metaverse membership project called Red Lion Sports Club (RLSC) in partnership with media platform Antourage. The project creates a private online space where fans and athletes can come together to play games, watch content, participate in competitions and support charitable causes. To access the Metaverse, NFT will be sold and 4,000 people will be limited. These digital commodities will be sold for 2 SOLs per NFT.


Jones suffered from many problems in his career due to injuries and was exposed to internet bullying for a long time. For this reason, Jones, who left social media in 2017, gained ideas about new technologies by gaining different interests.

   “It's something I'm really passionate about, and the idea behind Red Lion Sports Club is to enable new engagement with fans that fosters a true sense of community based on mutual respect for fellow members. RLSC will be a great place for all sports fans to have a say in how a digital community grows and evolves, interact with athletes, celebrities and other members, and benefit from content that will be built around major events.”

The events that Jones mentions include the English Premier League, as well as the English Grand Prix, the golf tournament English Open and the NBA play-offs.

NFT non fungible token

Reddit integrates Ethereum-based NFTs

The Ethereum network, which has the second largest cryptoasset by market cap, has seen significant growth, especially with the decentralized finance and NFT sectors. One of the largest social networks, Reddit, announced that Ethereum-based NFTs have been integrated into the platform. Four NFTs were sold for $400,000 each to be used as test avatars on the platform.