One More of PEPE’s Early Supporters Made a Sale

A cryptocurrency whale that bought PEPE tokens from Huobi in April 2023 sold them all for 194.31 ETH, making more than $200,000 in profit. According to Etherscan data, the whale with the short address 0x9da sold 452.911 billion PEPE tokens for 194.31 ETH on September 10, 2023 at a price of $0.0000006961 per token. The total value of the transaction was recorded as approximately 315 thousand dollars.

On April 27, 2023, Whale accumulated 452.911 billion PEPE tokens from Huobi at an average price of 0.0000002198 dollars per token and spent approximately 99.55 thousand dollars. Thus, the amount of memecoin in the whale’s possession was zero.

The whale’s sale coincided with another whale creating a liquidity pool with PEPE tokens and ETH. The whale with the address 0x3ae added 5.71 trillion PEPE tokens and 508 ETH to the Uniswap pool an hour before the sale, creating a pool of approximately $4.13 million.

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