Kevin O'Leary stated to more than 895 thousand YouTube subscribers that the payment system altcoins offer the biggest possible opportunity in this industry, but they should be able to exit the regulations that are planned to be implemented in many countries, especially the USA:

   “Payment systems are the biggest opportunity we have when it comes to cryptocurrencies, so regulation is so important. It's just the truth. The innovation that cryptocurrencies produce will lead us to a much more transparent, auditable and cheaper method of payment processing around the world.”

O’Leary also points out that a wave of digitization is coming into every industry and that whatever is done, a new digital economy is emerging at the forefront of the global financial landscape.


The famous billionaire also commended U.S. senators Cynthia Lummis and Kirsten Gillibrand's efforts to bring comprehensive regulatory clarity to the crypto industry by presenting the much-anticipated crypto bill later in the week, and that anyone who doesn't need more regulatory clarity in crypto should ensure that institutional capital will never be allowed until appropriate regulations are made. argued that they were crazy because they believed that they would not allocate to the asset class.

   “I want it to be politics. I'm not a cryptocurrency cowboy, I'm compliant. I want to include government wealth and pension funds here so that prices can rise and stabilize. Despite all the excitement about cryptocurrencies, we're only $1.2 trillion and that's nothing but nothing. Something! $800 billion, who cares? That might sound like a lot of money, but in terms of what's going to happen if we get this job done, it's nothing."

Currently, there are multiple payment system-oriented altcoins traded in the cryptocurrency market. The biggest and most well-known of these is undoubtedly Ripple's XRP. Ripple and its executives, who are sued by the SEC, argue that this process will be overcome smoothly and a period of great relief will begin. The realization of this anticipated situation may mean the end of the downward pressure in XRP. On the other hand, apart from Ripple's XRP, Stellar Lumen (XLM) is among the popular altcoins focused on the payment system.