Venture capitalist and Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary believes NFTs hold tremendous potential. The successful investor shared a video of him posing in a photo shoot with 896 thousand followers on his Twitter account. O'Leary says he took a frame from the photoshoot and sold it as an NFT, and also included a video of the photoshoot in the NFT for sale as a way to confirm this. Successful investor Kevin O'Leary made the following statements about NFTs.

   "The greatest potential of NFTs is the authentication of physical assets. Think watches, jewelry and art. Here is a perfect use case… So I’m going to cut this video of the shoot of the shoot, make it short, and incorporate it in the NFT so whoever buys the other prints is going to get the history of the making of this image, which is what I think NFTs should do. They should authenticate, but also give you the background of it."

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Explaining that NFTs have a great potential in his statements, Kevin believes that this industry can grow much more in the future.

   "There are billions and billions of dollars of institutional capital that wants to go to work [into NFTs], but we have not given them the compliance infrastructure yet to be able to do that. For example, when you buy a stock or a bond in a pension plan for a university in Geneva, they immediately are able to see at the compliance department how much you put on, whether you use leverage, the position is reported at the end of the day, the auditors can see it anytime they want, and the regulators have a report generated that they give every quarter, every month or every week or every day depending on the geography you’re in. We have nothing like that in anything on crypto. You have to manually do it yourself. That makes regulators very nervous."