Famous businessman Kevin O'Leary, who commented on "Go to Las Vegas, gamble, better" for Dogecoin, which is known for its investments in Bitcoin and which has risen to a crazy level for a period, made evaluations about crypto money mining, which is spoken to be banned in New York state.

As it is known, O'Leary, who criticized the decision of the New York State Assembly to stop mining cryptocurrencies working with the Proof-of-Work system for 2 years in New York state, said that this decision would be a big mistake.

Speaking to CNBC from the US media, O'Leary stated that Bitcoin mining will always continue and that New York's potential for hydropower is significant:

   “Bitcoin mining will continue, but the ban will be bad for the state of New York. Instead of more carbon emissions, it makes much more sense to use hydroelectricity and New York has enough of this power. If mining with hydroelectricity, the state will collect more taxes and increase the workforce. "

Kevin O’Leary crypto

Stating that he had to open a data center, which is his own project and works with completely zero carbon emissions, in Norway due to the unfavorable investment conditions of New York, O'Leary said:

   “At the moment, many people are leaving New York, California, and Massachusetts because of the high tax rates and high cost. These are examples of poorly governed states… I would not invest in these states. Texas, Florida, Switzerland, UAE and Norway have far more favorable and favorable investment conditions. That's why I opened my zero-carbon data center in Norway. It's a very successful project... What they need to do is to create jobs that will receive investment, but at the moment New York state is not able to invest. Think about it, 'it will not be possible to invest' for a state like New York. We're commenting."

In a previous comment, O'Leary said that 20 percent of his portfolio is made up of cryptocurrencies, and he also said that for Bitcoin mining bans, "It won't be long term".