OKX Founder Xu: “Hopeful For 2023”

OKX, one of the largest exchanges in the crypto money industry by transaction volume, has experienced a serious growth in recent months. With the bankruptcy of the FTX exchange, it was seen that the demand for the OKX exchange increased.

The fact that Elon Musk, the richest businessman in the world, followed the OKX stock market on his Twitter account in the past few days, even made some Binance users switch to OKX.

Recently, Star Xu, the founder of OKX exchange, shared a new post on his official Twitter account. Expressing that there is hope for 2023, Xu emphasized the following words:

“Luna,3AC,Ftx,Genesis…A lot of accidents make crypto guys feel frustrated.But look back to the history of crypto,it’s a technology driven industry,Pow,ETH,SegWit,Defi ,ZK drive the whole market cap grow to trillion size. I’m optimistic to the 2023.”

Noting that crypto technologies are growing day by day despite the major collapses, Xu believes that crypto assets will rise again in the future.

The collapse of crypto companies, as well as the bankruptcy of the FTX exchange, affected the industry much worse. FTX, which caused investors to lose their trust in stock markets, seems to have passed into crypto history.

Although OKX founder Xu says that investors should continue to trust the stock markets, it seems difficult for the stock markets to catch up with their former popularity before a new bull season starts.

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