OKX collaborated with Solana Mobile

This collaboration, which makes OKX’s industry-leading Web3 products accessible to Saga users through a single powerful gateway, also brought the OKX application to Solana Saga’s dApp store, making it one of the first stock market applications available on the Solana Web3 smartphone.

The Solana Saga smartphone revolutionizes mobile access to the Web3 world. With partnerships like these, OKX is reshaping the future of how people around the world interact with and use decentralized applications (dApps) and services. Evaluating this collaboration, OKX’s Chief Innovation Director Jason Lau said:

This partnership reveals the unlimited potential of the Web3 world. By bringing OKX’s next generation products together with Solana Saga, we are dramatically expanding daily access to an open and decentralized future made possible by Web3.

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