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OKX CEO Tweets About Listing ORDI

OKX announced that Ordinals (ORDI), a meme token on the BRC-20 network, has been listed on its spot trading markets. Ordinals is a protocol that allows users to create records on the satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin, using text, images, audio, and video. These records can be used to create NFTs and tokens on the Bitcoin network.

According to the OKX announcement, ORDI deposits will open on 20 May 2023 at 10:00 CEST. Spot trading for the ORDI/USDT pair will begin when the ORDI token investment meets the requirements of the exchange. ORDI’s total supply and circulating supply is 21 million, matching the maximum number of Bitcoins.

OKX CEO Star also tweeted about the listing of ORDI, saying that OKX exchange will soon list ORDI, as well as opening deposits and withdrawals. He also announced that the BRC-20 token wallet and marketplace will be launched on the web3 wallet next week. “We continue to develop it,” he added.

Ordinals is one of the meme tokens in the BRC-20 network, a layer-2 solution for Bitcoin that provides smart contracts and decentralized applications. However, many BTC supporters argue that they clog the BTC network and are of no value. A large number of BRC-20 tokens have been released in a short period of time, many of which are meme tokens. In addition, there is a similar formation in the Dogecoin network called DRC-20, which allowed the DOGE network to break records in the number of transactions.

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