Famous cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has listed ALCX and CVX on the spot trading market.

Alchemix (ALCX) and Convex Finance (CVX) are open to trading with USDT pairs. Withdrawals can be made from 29 November.


Alchemix Finance (ALCX)

Alchemix Finance is an Ethereum-based decentralized finance protocol that provides users with advances in yield-farming rewards. The system uses synthetic tokens (e.g. alUSD) to represent the collateral deposited on the Alchemix platform. Its native token, ALCX, extends the management rights of members of the Alchemix decentralized organization.

The Alchemix platform uses a series of cases to facilitate the documentation of what they call “self-repaying loans”. Voting with ALCX allows community members to identify buyers of treasury capital with the goal of increasing Alchemix functionality and strengthening Ethereum's DeFi ecosystem through the Alchemix DAO.

Entity name: Alchemix
Abbreviation: ALCX
Total supply: 2,393,060
Circulating supply: 836,681


Convex Finance (CVX)

Convex Finance is a decentralized finance protocol on the Ethereum network that offers users the opportunity to earn extra returns through Curve's augmented rewards system. CVX is Convex Finance's native token and is currently used to stake rewards. In the future, CVX will also act as the platform's management token.

Asset name: Convex Finance
Abbreviation: CVX
Total supply: 100,000,000
Circulating supply: 38,229,733