WhaleStats has detected a transaction initiated by the number one Binance coin (BNB) whale. This transaction amounted to 82,048 Ethereum purchases, equivalent to $277,499,463.

This user's wallet is 0xf977814e90da44bfa03b6295a0616a897441acec and Binance Coin (BNB) accounts for the largest portion of the cryptocurrency held in it, worth 77.81% at $2,542,289,229. The second largest cryptocurrency in the wallet is DEXE: 21.48%, with a total USD value of $701,911,520. The total value of ERC-20 tokens in the wallet is $720,471,803.

Transaction Details-2

According to data released by the Whale crypto monitoring service, three transactions of 20,000 ETH each were processed in the past 24 hours. Each of these transfers was worth approximately $66.1 million.

A total of 20,000 ETH was moved to the Binance exchange and later from it. The third transfer converted 20,000 Ethereum into Wrapped Ether (wETH), sent by an anonymous wallet owner.


Ethereum, which has fallen to the level of $ 2900 with the decline of Bitcoin in recent weeks, has seen levels that it has not seen since September. All other cryptocurrencies were also negatively affected as ETH experienced a 40 percent pullback from its peak. In particular, other altcoins waiting for a signal from Ethereum upset their investors with decreases of up to 70 percent. ETH, which rose again above the $3300 levels with the rises in the last 2 days, gave a sigh of relief to all altcoins.

BSC whales head to FLOKI

Speaking of BSC whales, WhaleStats posted another tweet saying that FLOKI is once again favored by Binance Smart Chain whales. According to the tweet, this meme cryptocurrency has returned to the top 10 list of cryptocurrencies bought by the top 1000 BSC wallet holders. Currently, Floki Inu ranks seventh in the top 10 list of digital assets. In the last 24 hours, FLOKI has increased by 12.97% and is currently trading at $0.000756.