Brave Group Inc., a Japan-based virtual IP business, said it has recently received $10 million in new funding, bringing the funds raised so far to $18 million. The company is expected to use this new capital to strengthen its existing business operations and to bring new solutions for its customers in the metaverse marketing sector.


In a recent statement, Brave Group announced that Dawn Capital and Osaka Gas Co. Ltd. announced that it has participated in a new investment event where Japanese companies such as "Foreign mutual funds and individual investors" also participated. Kazuhiro Ishikura, general partner of Dawn Capital, had the following words about Brave Group Inc's recent investments:

   “As the boundary between real and virtual life fades, the form of entertainment is expected to change and new IP content is expected to emerge.

As the Metaverse market grows globally, we believe Brave Group's content will be at the center of the enthusiastic virtual communities that will emerge.

We hope to bring the power of the anime and manga culture that Japan has developed over the years to the world virtually."

Talking about the developments that will take place in the metaverse technology, Kazuhiro Ishikura, general partner of Dawn Capital, wants the anime and manga culture to spread around the world. It seems that many companies are investing in metaverse technology and products.

Mark Zuckerberg Announces The Date To Reach 1 Billion Metaverse Users

In an interview with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to CNBC, there were striking statements about Metaverse and goals.


Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Meta, announced the date when the number of users of Metaverse technology will reach 1 billion. Zuckerberg, who has invested the most in Metaverse and even changed the name of his company to Meta, thinks that the future will take place in the virtual universe. Metaverse, which especially attracts the attention of the new generation, is expected to reach billions of users in the near future.

Zuckerberg, who dwells on this subject again; He reiterated that modern smartphones, tablets and computers are sufficient to access the Metaverse. He said the company will see 1 billion Metaverse users by 2030.