Nearly 30 licenses have been granted and new laws have been implemented for crypto exchanges to operate in the UAE. A global YouGov survey revealed that people in the UAE trust cryptocurrencies more than any other country. Cryptocurrency is growing rapidly around the world and the UAE does not want to lag behind in this regard.

Accordingly, Day To Day Hypermarket becomes the first retail store in the UAE to accept cryptocurrency payments both online and at selected physical branches.

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Day To Day Hypermarket has more than one branch. Appealing to a large number of customers, Day To Day Hypermarket is preparing to accept cryptocurrencies in order to offer more options to its customers. The store sees accepting cryptocurrency payments as a successful milestone for their larger vision.

In this way, the retail giant encourages the people of the country to try crypto payments. Tron accepts Ethereum, Bitcoin and more cryptocurrencies. Banners have been hung at their branches and an educational section has been set up on the website explaining the steps for cryptocurrency payments, in-store and on the website.

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On the other hand, after the real estate sector in the UAE announced cryptocurrency payments for properties, it was expected that retail, one of the most driving sectors of the economy, would adopt the same. The Day To Day Hypermarket can be a good example for other retail stores to gain insight and encourage other industries to adopt the cryptocurrency payment system.

Latest Situation in Bitcoin (BTC)

Cryptocurrency markets started the new week with slight upward movements. However, in this process, the total volume of crypto money markets decreased by 1.43% and fell to $ 990 billion. Thus, the total volume of the cryptocurrency market fell below the psychological limit of 1 trillion dollars. Although the bearish dominance seems to be dominant throughout the market, Bitcoin started the new week with an increase of 1.12% and managed to stay above this support by maintaining the reaction it saw at the $20,000 support in the past days.

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After trying the $20,000 support, Bitcoin encountered backlash purchases, but this attempt of Bitcoin caused altcoins to experience similar declines across the market. Experts state that the next strong target for Bitcoin is the level of $ 22 thousand, and it is very critical for Bitcoin to hold on to the support of $ 20 thousand despite the fact that there are no volume transactions in the market. At the time of writing, Bitcoin continues to trade just above the $21,000 level.