Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin made some statements on Twitter about Bitcoin Cash. Buterin stated the following in one of his tweets:

   "I was optimistic about Bitcoin Cash because in the battle for scaling I've joined the arguments of the small-blockers rather than the arguments of the large-blockers. Today, I would often call BCH a failure. My main takeaway is that communities built around a revolt often have a hard time in the long run, even if they have a good cause, because they value courage over competence and unite around resistance rather than a coherent way forward."

Buterin admitted in that thread of tweets that BCH has mostly failed. Buterin said that the leading Bitcoin fork is focused on being a protest movement with a rebel mindset and therefore lacks a coherent way forward.


Launched in August 2017 as an alternative to Bitcoin, Buterin said that after Bitcoin Cash had initial success and managed to surpass Ethereum by market cap in mid-November 2017, the controversial fork had emerged as a "legitimate competitor" for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash then experienced a huge decline, falling to 25th place by market cap. BCH has lost 98% against Bitcoin since its peak in November 2017.

Bitcoin Cash was trading at $447.52 USD at the time of writing. Also, the 24-hour trading volume is $5,266,800.034 USD. We update our BCH/USD prices in real time. Bitcoin Cash has dropped a percentage in the last 24 hours. Current CoinMarketCap rank is #25, market cap is $8,478,023,135 USD. The circulating supply is 18,944,456 BCH coins and is at its maximum. 21,000,000 BCH coins.

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Buterin Revised Some Other Predictions

The 27-year-old Canadian-Russian programmer addressed his 2017 comment on Bitcoin fees and said he still stands behind those ideas in light of Ethereum's scaling issues. Buterin also admitted that the initial Proof of staking and sharding roadmap was ridiculously inaccurate.

Buterin also predicted the emergence of a decentralized exchange like Uniswap, of which he is particularly proud. However, he could not predict the NFTs that swept the industry in 2021.