OpenSea traded over $1.36 billion USD in the first ten days of 2022. The market recorded its best day so far this year on January 9, trading over $261 million.

Ghozali Ghozalu, a 22-year-old student from Indonesia, turned 933 selfies into an NFT collection called "Ghozali Everyday". Ghozali initially sold each item for 0.001 ETH ($3.37), but the base price has since gone up to 0.25 ETH ($843).

Ghozali describes the NFT collection in his Opensea profile as follows.

   "From the age of 18 to 22, I sat in front of the computer every day and took a picture of myself."

According to today's data, the collection has 448 owners and a trading volume of approximately $910,158 in the last 24 hours, up 876.87%. That's why it's ranked 36th on OpenSea's list of the best NFTs by volume.

The collection became a 'meme' (internet joke) after several collectors and celebrities got together and introduced it. Je Jouw, an Indonesian sneaker and streetwear entrepreneur, was one of the first to buy from the collection.

Je Jouw

Then, Masterchef Indonesia's jury, Arnold Poernomo, introduced the collection on Twitter. In the jury post, Ghozali said he bought it because he planned to help Ghozalu financially. It even created a Discord server for the collection.

GAP Releases First GameFi NFT Collection

Famous clothing brand GAP is launching its first GameFi NFT collection on the Tezos blockchain. The collection will consist of limited edition pieces.

gap nft

The collection worked with Brandon Sines, the artist behind the New York City-based Frank Ape project. The iconic sweatshirts of the GAP brand were combined with digital art.

GAP's digital collection; It was divided into four categories, Common, Rare, Epic, and One-of-a-Kind. The Common level will be the first series to go on sale, and the selling price is 2 XTZ, approximately 8.30 USD. Rare tier 6 XTZ will go on sale on January 15th for about $25, and on January 19th the Epic tier 100 XTZ will be available for about $415 USD.