Nomura launches Bitcoin fund for institutional investors

Laser Digital, the digital assets subsidiary of Nomura, one of Japan’s largest investment banks, announced that it has issued the Bitcoin Adaptation Fund. While it was stated in the statement that the fund will provide a seamless way for institutional investors to access the digital asset class, it was announced that this issuance is the first step in a series of crypto adoption investment solutions that Laser Digital Asset Management will introduce to the market.

Laser Digital claimed that the Bitcoin Adaptation Fund is the most cost-effective and secure investment solution for long-term investment in Bitcoin. To secure the fund’s assets, Laser will use Komainu, which was founded in 2018 by Nomura, Ledger and Coinshares and offers a regulated custody solution for institutional digital asset investors. Sebastien Guglietta, Head of Laser Digital Asset Management, said the following about the issuance of the fund:

Technology is the key driver of global economic growth and is transforming large parts of the economy from analog to digital. Bitcoin is one of the enablers of this long-term transformational change, and long-term investment in Bitcoin offers investors a solution to capture this macro trend.

Founded by Nomura, Laser Digital is headquartered in Switzerland. The company aims to combine global investment banking with a crypto-specific experience. An important step was recently taken in Japan to capture the rapid development of the crypto industry in the Asian Region. According to the new development, startups in Japan will now be able to attempt to raise funds through the issuance of cryptocurrencies in addition to the issuance of shares.

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