Nike Introduces Metaverse Store

Investments in the metaverse, which is expected to shape the internet of the future, continue unabated. So much so that not only technology giants but also big companies from other sectors participate in the moves in this regard. Nike, one of the world’s largest sports accessory brands, was one of them.

The US-based giant company has officially announced that it has entered the NFT and metaverse business in the past months. The brand, which plans to sell virtual products in virtual stores, took the first step in this regard by purchasing RFKT Studios, which is known for producing NFT shoes. Now, Nike has expanded its moves on the metaverse and announced that it has opened a virtual store and sales platform.

The company, which is the leader in its field, stated that the new platform was named .Swoosh. According to the statements, Nike’s products such as virtual shoes will be found on this platform. The giant brand adds that with this move, users can collaborate with designers, access special events and profit from sales, while adding that it aims to create a strong Web3 community.

In addition, it is stated that Nike virtual products can be sold on the new platform. Ron Faris, the head of Virtual Studios, the company’s department on this subject, also uses the following statements on the subject:

“The platform will enable our community to create the future with us. Here you can collect or sell Nike’s virtual goods. You can also participate in real-life events with the virtual goods you create.”

In addition, Faris states that competitions will be held on the platform in the future, and the winners can create products together with the designers. It is added that these people can earn money from the sale of products.

It is also reported that the virtual products sold can be dressed in RTFKT’s avatars. Faris states that their aim is not to make virtual Nike products wearable in places such as video games in the near future. So you will understand, soon, just like in real life, our characters in the virtual world will be able to wear the products of such brands. It is also stated by the company that sales will not be started immediately, the process will be slow, because people need to be educated about the metaverse.

Nike worked with RFKT, which it acquired late last year, to create the .Swoosh. This work led to the creation of virtual versions of Nike’s popular products. According to the statements, the platform is currently in beta phase. This means that it is not fully available, and will be available to selected users in the coming days.

Finally, let’s add that the first collection will be released in January on the platform where nothing has been sold yet. According to the company, users will be able to shop on .Swoosh with a credit card, just like buying a normal shoe from Nike, and these sales will be secured on the blockchain.

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