In the latest video, crypto expert Joe Parys shared the next 100X potential NFT project, and the best part is, at the time of the news, the project hasn't even started yet.

NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) have gained recognition all over the world. Joe Parys, one of the popular analysts of the market, also evaluated an NFT project and claimed that the project has 100X potential in the future.

BlueZilla Ape Club, which analyst Joe Parys thinks has great potential, is defined as a members-only NFT club for the cross-chain ecosystem. According to the statements made, there will be 5,000 BlueZilla Ape Club NFTs in the collection. It is stated that NFT holders will have a different level of experience both in the crypto money ecosystem and with face-to-face membership awards.


According to the analyst, there are several factors for the success of this NFT project. First of all, the BlueZilla ecosystem is already strong and NFTs can also benefit from this strength. In addition, Parys states that BlueZilla's NFT club will be special, thus making 100X potential more possible.

   "There are 900 people online on Discord and over 5,000 members have joined in the last 24 to 48 hours. It shows that there is real excitement and demand for this project and that you are really early for it."

The analyst states that there are not many details in his statements yet, but all information will be shared with the public soon. In addition, Parys states that it is very important to be included in the whitelist.

In addition, in the statements made, Parys states that it is important to take part in promising projects early. However, it is also stated that for this, the project should be researched very well and it is important to make evaluations in line with the necessary criteria.